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ColdFusion Development Group


In business since 2003, Shared Dynamics has built a reputation for building reliable, cost-effective solutions for small and large businesses.  Customers in energy, retail banking, education, capital leasing and transportation are just a few of the sectors we have serviced in the past 21 years.

We value the relationships we have made and as such, we protect the confidences our clients have enjoined.  Please feel free to contact us about our experiences and how we may help your project.


We offer full-service ColdFusion hosting supporting versions 9 through 11.

Pick either a Linux or Windows server environment.  Choose MySQL 5 and get unlimited data storage.  Microsoft ™ SQL available with up to 4GB of storage included.  Of course, is always available plus a variety of add-ons at no additional cost.

All for just $15 per month.

User Experience, Agile and Quality Assurance Coaching

Our sister company appWise™, is focused on the elimination of technical waste.  Their mission is concentrated on usability testing and team coaching.

Utilizing the principles of heuristics, human factors and lean Six Sigma, their services add dollars to the bottom line.  Feel free to visit them or inquire below via our contact form.


All positions are currently filled. But feel free to send us a resume.

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